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Exploring new Era QSR Group

QSR Systems has planned and successfully esthablished another 2 country around the globe USA as QSR Group LLC, and Myanmar as Forign Repersentative Office. As a result the "QSR Group" has been declared. Implementation has been successfully completed to this new countries by 2014-2017. New QSR Group websites is published ""

Currently the Group having companies in Malaysia, USA, Singapore and Office in Myanmar.



New Year Product 2020

Server with Soft Switch

QSR has designed a new configuration of server and soft switch for the New Year 2020 only at $50 to $200. This is dependable but low cost. Clients will be very much encouraged to start VoIP business in small scale and grow farther step by step with the good hand of QSR Team.



Bandwidth Optimization &
VPN for VoIP

New service to the clients

QSR Systems has started to provide the VoIP providers Bandwidth optimization solutions to save there workable load of Bandwidth and save the expenses. Also providing the VPN service to deploy providers network and system a easy way to start-up or stepping ahead for a new generation.




ITW 2019 at Chicago

QSR has participated at the International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2019 on June 23-26 in Hyatt Regency Hotel, Atlanta, USA which is the largest Telecommunication Carriers Meet in USA for the year 2019. Achieved 200+ Interconnections and Direct connectivity Quality Destination Routes with the Partner Companies.




ACC 2019 at CEBU

QSR has participated at the Asian Carriers Conference (ACC) 2019 on Sept 3-6 in Cebu, Philippines which is the largest Wholesale Carriers Meet in Asia for the year 2019. And offered Direct and Quality Destination Routes to the Partner Companies in this event.




Communic Asia 2019

QSR was present in Communic Asia 2019 on June 18-20 in Marina Bay, Singapore. The exposition was biggest ICT event in Asia. Many vendor, supplier and agent to meet with QSR for there up coming business relationships.





QSR will participate the Global Carrier Community LATAM at Sao Paulo from 17th - 18th August 2020 with the Bilateral Tables to connect and meet with new partners in the world wide Carrier Companies.



Licensed as SBO (Class) Singapore.

Wholesale Voice Carrier

QSR received the SBO license from IDA on 2012, Singapore. And since then started its project "Arena4Voice Communications" to provide service as Buy/Sales Wholesale Voice Traffic. Partners are welcomed to tie bilateral agreements to explore the strength of QSR as they are popular VoIP solution provider in market.


Visit us in Atlanta, USA
Int'l Telecom Week 2020
June 14-17, 2020 Exhibit Level
Premium Bileteral Table
Visit us in Exhibition of
Communic Asia 2020
CommunicAsia 2017
Meet our team At, Hall 4
Visit us in Philippins at Asian
Carriers Conferrence 2020
ACC 2017
Meet us at Bileteral Table
Quest Topup
Quest Topup delivers maximum flexibility, reliability and efficiency of topup management. It offers full online money management, recharge management and professional integration services. Quest Topup provides the opportunity to assign commission every level (distributor/dealer/reatailer) and when topup request is sucessed by retailer, the amount balance will be deducted based on commission.


Some exclusive features are:

  • Although fully web based but so faster like desktop software
  • Easy to create level (distributor/dealer/reatailer/loder)
  • Easy to create card amount of 100,200,300,500 & 1000
  • Every country, every currency support
  • Topup request by card or specific amount
  • Every level (distributor/dealer/reatailer) checking during Top request, if not enough account, Topup request not success.
  • Commission create every level(distributor/dealer/reatailer)
  • Assign commission to distributors/dealer/retailer.
  • Advertising through the software.
  • Setting the rule (Ascending, Descending,Round Robin Ascending,Round Robin Descending),i.e. which loder get the Topup request.
  • Define automatic topup request to loder
  • Exclusive customization facilities
  • Open source database as well as MySQL
  • Search for cards using multiple criteria
  • Search for Topup reguest using multiple criteria
  • Report of card, balance, Topup request
  • View all transaction history
  • Manage every level information, i.e. name, address etc.
  • Every level can view balance and commissions.
  • Export reports to Excel.
  • Custom reporting
  • Every document is easily traceable and printable
  • Innovative look and feel
  • User friendly & no expertise needed
  • Can handle multi-level and multi-profile user
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